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Grow Your Own Food with The Tower Garden

Tower Garden System

Are you looking to grow your own variety of fresh, homegrown fruits, veggies, herbs and flowers all year round? Then it’s time to talk about the Tower Garden…the system we use at Chapala Gardens!

Not only will you save tons of money on produce, but you will know exactly what is on your food and who has been touching it. Additionally, you will be helping our planet by using a closed-loop system that doesn’t dump into our waters, AND the Tower Garden uses less than 10% of the water used in traditional soil gardening! Indeed,a clean and sustainable way to grow your own nutrient dense food.

How it works

Tower Garden is a closed loop, modular, vertical, aeroponic growing system that waters itself! It is made in the USA from food grade, UV resistant plastic and is designed to last a lifetime!

Your plants will grow 30% larger in 2/3 of the time, compared to traditional soil gardening. According to a comparative study done at the University of Mississippi.

Chapala Gardens - Tower Garden

It’s Fun

Chapala Gardens Tower Garden
But the truth is, it’s just FUN to grow your own food!

Check out these two videos that will show you the possibilities of growing both indoor and outdoor, year-round!

Chapala Gardens - Tower Garden


at Chapala Gardens we sow, germinate and grow a variety of quality seedlings to easily populate your first Tower Garden ports!
Chapala Gardens Seedlings
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